Multi-level growing system using rolling benches, flood & drain watering and low voltage LED Lighting

Automate your cannabis operation while controlling all aspects of your grow operation; tempature, humidity, thermal efficiency and lighting. All with a positive pressure that has no pests, mold or disease

Produces fresh high mineral and high protein green feed consistently and reliably

Automated & Climate Controlled 

We pride ourselves on offering the latest automation technology by controlling the climate of agricultural products such as leafy greens, fodder, biomedical and aquaculture.

Leading Industry Engineering

After 9 years of intensive design, development and commercial testing, we are proud to offer this leading development to the cannabis growing industry. The  Cannabis Series is a highly automated modular design that we can supply & install in 28 different size configurations to best match your growing needs.

Reliable Harvests 

In a well-managed Vertical Cannabis System there are no ‘seasonal crops’ and there are no crop losses. Harvest times and end product quality are consistent and reliable, allowing you as a commercial grower to confidently commit to delivery schedules and off-take agreements.                                        

Reduce Overheads 

Production overheads in our installations  are  commercially competitive and predictable. In some locations with good selling prices and reasonable power and building rental costs   a 30%+ Return on Investment can be achieved.                                                                                                                                       

Optimized Energy 

High thermal efficiency climate cells greatly reduce energy use for climate control. There is ~80% less air volume in one of our climate cells compared to the same size open-rack system in a warehouse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Every climate cell in an Cannabis Series system is automatically monitored

Managed to maintain pre-set temperature, humidity, CO², watering and LED lighting levels to achieve optimum plant growth for the crop varieties planted. Any variation from presets or system function error is automatically identified, logged and reported by SMS text message or email.

Modular in Design- Scale based on demand 

In a single system, sizes range from 1,700ft² (158m²) total growing area right up to 47,620ft² (4,424m²) total growing area. And if you want to start small, all of our systems can be expanded later as your market grows or customer demands change. 

We automate the process

Automatically transfer rolling benches between the various modules of the Cannabis Series system. There is a series of motorised transport rails controlled by the system network. This automated transport system efficiently and rapidly delivers benches to the various operations such as seeding, harvesting, grow media recovery, bench wash & sterilise or onto the climate cell vertical hoists – on command and when needed.


Media & Cloning 

The Cannabis Series incorporates a mechanical gravity seeder integrated into the transport system. Supplied templates can be easily changed for different seed counts or seeding patterns suited to a wide range of crop varieties. As an option, the standard seeding system can be configured for either growing seedlings in cell trays or for transplanting young seedlings into the system for grow-out.

The systems can also be configured for single-use grow media including peat moss, biochar, coco peat or Rockwool as well as seedling mix substrates in trays.

Let’s build your cannabis farm together!