Automated Fodder System 

The XF Series is a fully automated fodder growing system that needs less than 30 minutes of your day to press the harvest button before feeding your livestock with up to 1000kgs (2200lbs) of fresh high mineral and protein content green feed.

Reliable Harvests 

After harvest the XF system automatically sterilises, replants and regrows one of the 6 integrated growing areas inside the machine.


Minimise Your Costs

Growing fodder using the XF system is extremely economical. To produce 1,000 kgs (2,200 lbs) of fresh fodder per day the XF system typically uses <30 minutes of labour.                                                          


Grown using quality nutrients and live microbiology, fresh Barley fodder provides a valuable source of nutrition, particularly when pasture or costly grain supplements are of low quality or availability.

System Sizes 

XF-1K & XF-2K 


XF-1K is made up of two shipping container modules that together produce up to 1,000kgs (2,200lbs) of clean fresh barley fodder every 24 hours.

The Service Module is a CSC compliant 20’ container that houses the electrical system, climate control system, 14-day grain silo, water tank, pumps and nutrients.

The Grow Module is a CSC compliant 40’ Hi Cube container linked to the Service Module by quick connect flexible ducts and cable. The Grow Module is monitored and managed for temperature and humidity and fitted with 6 levels of automated growing areas incorporating watering and energy efficient LED lighting.

Fodder is delivered daily by the simple press of the Harvest button located by the delivery conveyor outside the container.

XF Series Design Features

  • Automatic seeding, soaking, growing, harvesting
  • Automatic equipment sterilisation cycle between plantings.
  • Bio-secure growing environment with automatic temperature and humidity control.
  • Automated LED lighting control, nutrient dispensing and watering.
  • Simple intuitive touchscreen controls.
  • GSM text message for low-levels of grain, nutrients or adverse growing conditions.
  • No waste with water and nutrient recycling system.
  • No chlorine, pesticides of herbicides required.
  • Up to 1:7 yield ratio, 1 kg (2.2lb) feed grain can yield up to 7kg (15lb) of green fodder.
  • Not affected by weather conditions or transport delays.
  • Live microbiology nutrients eliminate mould and fungus without chemicals.
  • No heavy lifting or double handling grain or fodder harvest.


XF-2K is a modular system designed for high volume daily production and requires permanent undercover installation with a minimum internal clearance height of 3m (10ft).

Each XF-2K module measures approx. 5m x 12m (16ft x 40ft) and automatically produces up to 2000kgs (4400lbs) of fresh fodder every 24 hours.

With the addition of centralised grain silos and fixed grain augers to each module the XF-2K system can be easily expanded to meet the daily fodder requirements of the largest farm or feedlot.

The XF-2K switchboard can be connected to mains power, diesel generator or solar storage supply as required.

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