Leafy Greens 

Our experience has clearly shown that the highest level of automation possible is essential for a financially viable vertical farming system.

Reliable Harvests 

Security costs can be reduced dramatically and by using this system, growers can experience year-round, quality and consistent growth and ultimately much higher output.



As power companies start to apply surcharges based on measured peak power demand. Through the use of green energy and the elimination of fossil fuel tractors, irrigation and other  equipment, our systems are carbon emission competitive.

Reduce Overheads 

Wages of just one worker on a scissor lift can eat into your harvest margins, so by removing the need for the scissor lift we reduce the cost of labour and increase your return on investment.                                                                                                                         

Modular in Design- Scale based on demand 

In a single system, sizes range from 1,700ft² (158m²) total growing area right up to 47,620ft² (4,424m²) total growing area. And if you want to start small, all of our systems can be expanded later as your market grows or customer demands change. 

Air, Water, Light, Grow Media 

AIR – The insulated Climate Cell growing areas are monitored and managed to automatically ensure precise temperature and humidity levels as well as strong Biosecurity against all pests and diseases.

WATER – Plant transpiration recovery integrated into the climate cell system greatly reduces total water consumption. A wide range of growing nutrients can be used in the system with Bioponic live microbe organic being our recommendation for high crop yields and maximum nitrate-free nutrition to your customers.

LIGHT – The Series uses a low-voltage LED Lighting system. The LED light rails are modular for simple maintenance and easy upgrades. Integrated water cooling promotes a typical luminaire lifespan of 3-5 years.

GROW MEDIA – The Series system is configured for reusable LECA clay pebbles with the addition of Vertical Farm Systems patented ion chelate nutrient additive. The systems can also be configured for single-use grow media including peat moss, biochar, coco peat or Rockwool as well as seedling mix substrates in trays.


Every climate cell in an system is automatically monitored

Managed to maintain pre-set temperature, humidity, CO², watering and LED lighting levels to achieve optimum plant growth for the crop varieties planted. Any variation from presets or system function error is automatically identified, logged and reported by SMS text message or email.

Let’s build your farm together!